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A picture is worth a thousand words

90 days have gone by since we rang the New Year and Washed Ashore made the pledge to ditch plastic! So we thought it was a good time to reiterate why this is so important.

=> Sign the plastic pledge HERE

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is the first one. And more.


(Source: Alison’s Adventures)

This is Marina Del Rey CA, after the rain recently.


(Source: Alison’s Adventures)

This was taken in Mexico.



This is the young whale that was found dead with 88 pounds of plastic trash in his stomach in the Philippines on March 16, 2019.


(Source: Alison’s Adventures)

This is in Bali, Indonesia.



This is the sperm whale found on the southern coast of Spain last year with 64 pounds of trash in his digestive system.


Sorry, but not sorry

Sorry, we didn't mean to bum you out but here's what we want you to take away from these pictures:

Remember that this is not someone else’s problem. It’s everyone's.
Remember that there is no “away”. When we throw something away, it always goes somewhere.
Remember that you matter and can make a difference.

80% of the waste present in the ocean makes its way from inland. So this is up to us to stop! 

What do I do now?

Here's the good news: there is a lot you can do to not only try to fix what we've done, but also prevent it.

Take the National Geographic plastic pledge

Reduce: Your plastic use and all single use items. How? Check out this cool article on every day items that are easy to swap.

Reuse: Again, ditch single use items. Whether it's food containers, straws, utensils or cups, don't use it. Carry a reusable bottle, a little steel utensil set and straw in your purse or in your car, bring your container when you're going to get take out, buy loose bulk items and put them in your cotton bag... There are so many things you can do and even though it might sound crazy, we promise it will become a habit so quickly you won't even remember your old ways.

Recycle: See our Recycling 101 article to learn to right way to do it!

Donate: To organizations fighting this pressing and devastating issue. 

Participate: In beach clean ups, ocean clean ups and trash removal projects. Take one day out of your entire year, to participate. Make a day of it, involve your friends and your family! Getting involved has never been easier, so if you're in California, check out Heal The Bay for their next clean up. 


Follow Alison's Adventures 

Check out 4Ocean

Participate with Heal The Bay




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