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Bali Dreaming with The Jitana

Washed Ashore x The Jitana

I wake up to the hot sun shining through the curtains of our villa. I immediately throw on some shorts, a tank top, and a gold Lariat necklace from Washed Ashore. We skip out the door and hop on our scooter. Zipping down the streets of a small town by the name of Canggu, we’re headed to get some breakfast. We get to a little cafe where we order Muesli bowls filled with fresh fruits, and of course, I order a cup of watermelon juice. This is just one of the daily rituals you will become accustomed to, living that Bali life!

Bali Dreaming with The Jitana Washed Ashore

I spent about a month in Bali this time around. The beauty, culture, and people is what makes this island so captivating. From the jungles of Ubud, to the crystal clear waters of Uluwatu, there's life everywhere you look! While I was there, I collaborated with Washed Ashore, a sustainable jewelry brand that uses an innovative form of practice. Imperfect seashells, and luminous pearls from the sea, make their majestic pieces so unique. Although they are based in LA, these intricate pieces epitomize Bali!  I wore these pieces on the daily while I was out there. Each piece is so delicate it makes it easy to never take off and fits in perfectly with the easy, carefree lifestyle of the island.

Bali Dreaming with The Jitana Washed Ashore

We shot in two of my favorite places. First, the streets of Canggu, a place where the locals and travelers come together. Well, the travelers actually become locals because they end up extending their visa so many times, and just can’t let go of this magical place! I'm actually guilty of this haha! The colorful houses, rice fields, palm trees, and the warm weather is what gets you so addicted to living that chill island life. Next Stop, Uluwatu or how the locals like to call it "Ulus". This place is one of the most amazing beaches in southern Bali! Everyone has their secret spots in Uluwatu. But, I swear mine is the best lol! You have to wait until low tide, which is after 3:00pm. Then, you have to climb under a cave to reach this beautiful bank of sand surrounded with little ponds of crystal clear waters and tan rocks. They look like they were drawn with pastels. We wait until sunset, which makes the water look turquoise with a tint of lilac. By far, it’s the most amazing sunset I've seen anywhere in the world. Then, we swim until the sun completely goes down, all while wearing my dainty pieces of Washed Ashore jewelry. With each sunset, we got closer to the end of our trip. Our last day in Bali was bittersweet, but I know i’ll be back sooner than later. This island has officially stolen my heart <3

Bali Dreaming with The Jitana - Washed Ashore

Stay tuned for more adventures!


The Jitana

Photos by Katie Slater 

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