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Composting Part 2

As a small company, we don’t generate a large amount of waste, but after 3 weeks, we were ready to drop off our compost. Luckily for us, the charcoal filter worked! Our small office could have gone sour fast :)
See below for some tips to keep your compost thriving.
Try and add to your compost bin daily! 
 Mix the contents of the compost at least once a week to prevent mold from forming. 
Add leaves and dry ingredients, if the compost has too much liquid. 
Brown material takes the longest to compost, so make sure to shred into small pieces. This includes leaves, paper, and cardboard. 
    We decided to drop off our compost at one of Hudson River Park’s community drop off sites. The site closest to our office is Pier 25 at N. Moore St. Once you enter the park at the N. Moore St. entrance, the compost bins are to the left near the play area. They have seven food scrap drop off locations throughout the park that is open from 7 am to 7 pm daily. The park mixes the food scraps with their horticulture waste to make a healthy compost that nourishes the plants and trees throughout the park.  You can learn more about their community compost program here.

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