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Fueling your mind + body during the quarantine

We all need to find things to bring us peace and serenity during this pandemic and self-isolation. In this time of uncertainties, the root of most of our anxieties and restlessness can stem from being in the unknown, having to adjust to working from home, our daily routine is thrown off, and some of us having to also function as our kids' teachers. We may all be stressing out without ourselves even realizing that this is the case. This trying time is really testing our patience. The art of truly living in the now versus worrying about the future, that we now realize more than ever that is out of our control, is the key. All we can do is control our thoughts, find activities that nurture both our bodies and souls, and remember that we have each other, and no one is facing this alone. Compassion is needed now more than ever, for others and yourself.


  • When do you feel your best and what activities can you do to achieve that? 

  • Are you into painting, running, or even becoming your household’s next Top Chef?

  • Have you been getting a good night's rest?

Trying to find some sort of normalcy and routine during quarantine has been shown to be a helpful way to reduce stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Waking up each morning with a routine similar to what you had pre-isolation can keep your mind and body active. Listen to what your body is telling you and follow what it’s craving that day (It may not be food. It may be vitamin D from sunshine, your favorite book, calling a friend or family member, etc). Each day is new and different from the last. 

Although all of the downtime we are experiencing can seem like an ideal time to begin new hobbies and try new things, it is also perfectly ok to process however you see fit. If you are able to walk away from this pandemic healthy and safe, that is more than enough. 

Below are links to different recipes, exercises, and activities that we have found interesting and nourishing. We have also included some tips on how to get a good night’s rest, for those of us who have been having trouble in this area.  





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