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Get to Know Naomi Christie

This Year's Spring 2018

Look Book Photographer

N A O M I   C H R I S T I E
Get to Know Naomi Christie Washed Ashore
1. When did you start photography? How did you get into it?

I stole a polaroid camera from my parent's closet as a teen and became obsessed. I started professionally shooting nearly by accident in college when my friends started to pay me to photograph them. 

2.  What inspires you the most? 

People and places. Empowered women, wit, charm, the ocean.

Get to Know Naomi Christie Washed Ashore

3.  How would you describe your personal style? 

I use to only wear black until I adopted a blonde dog. I love the 70s, 90s, and 60s french nu-wave fashion. I wear a lot of light colors, silk, and things that don't show dog hair.  

Get to Know Naomi Christie Washed Ashore

4.  Where are a few of your favorite local places to eat, shop, hang out? 

Oh my goodness, I love those healthy vegetarian restaurants such as Sage and Cafe Gratitude, but my favorite right now is Bowery Bungalow 

Shopping: I love the flea markets, Melrose, and & Other Stories for shopping.  

Hang-Out: I love Echo Park- so many good cafes. 

5.  Where is your favorite travel destination? 

Hawaii! It has forever a huge chunk of my heart. It's a magical place, but it's also so sentimental for me. 

Get to Know Naomi Christie Washed Ashore

6.  What is next up on your bucket list? 

Maybe Virgin Islands or Tahiti. I would love to go to Zanzibar and Cappadocia soon too. 

Get to Know Naomi Christie Washed Ashore

7. Beach life or city life?

Beach life! 

8.  What is your definition of "goddess"?  

Whoever desires to build other women up. 

Empowered women empower women. 

9. What empowers you the most, and how do you channel that energy into your daily routine?

Art, words, and feminism. Female photographers, writers, or filmmakers are often underestimated or subjugated. What I see manifest from unassuming, oppressed, or disadvantaged but persistent artists gives me my daily mantra.  

Get to Know Naomi Christie Washed Ashore

10. What is your current favorite Washed Ashore Piece, and why?

Ah so many to choose from! I love the Avalon Cuff because the shell design is so unique and I'm such a sucker for seashells as well! 

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