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“Health is wealth”: Lara's simple tips for a healthy and happy year

“Health is wealth” and no one person believes in that more than Washed Ashore founder and designer Lara. After having a long health journey herself and trying many different types of remedies, she now loves to share her experiences and natural healing techniques. Here are some of the tricks she uses to remain healthy and positive:


In my opinion, “chemical” medicine has its pros but it also has a lot of cons. I personally like to harness the power of nature and everything it has to offer.

General wellness

There are two supplements in particular that I love, not only to heal when you’re sick, but also to promote general wellness: turmeric and oregano oil.

Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It’s great to use when you have sinus congestion or even strep throat.

Oregano oil is antiseptic, fights bacteria and fungal infections. The smell is very strong but you can take them in capsules.  

Both are great for cooking as well, and cooking with those supplements as fresh produce is always better. But since it’s not always easy or possible, you can always take them in capsules!


The gut is our second brain.

First and foremost, get an allergy test and eliminate any food intolerances, allergies and restrictions. People too often overlook the gut aspect of health and it’s extremely important because if you consume things that cause inflammation, your body will let you know through pain and discomfort. Your body also won’t be absorbing the right nutrients and function at its full capacity.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said: « Let food be thy medicine ».

So load up on probiotics; eat fruits and vegetables. They are full of antibodies and nutrients to help keep us healthy. Choose foods that are nutrient dense and full of diverse colors.

Before I eat something, I ask myself if this is going to serve me, my body and energy? If not then why have it.


Manuka honey is a miracle when you’re sick. It’s antibacterial and is almost of medicinal grade to me. You don’t need a lot of it and it has many benefits.

Again, go with turmeric and oregano oil as well.

Load up on vitamin C, preferably by eating the fruits that contain a lot of it. Use Nettie pots to cleanse your sinuses and get all the nasty stuff out!


If you have trouble sleeping, it’s just that you’re thinking a lot. Your physical being is in this restful spot but it’s your mind that can’t turn off. To help with that, I like to meditate. You need to learn the art of clearing your mind.

You need to ask yourself otherwise, when do you turn off? There is always going to be something that we need to do or think about, so you have to force yourself to turn off.

Whatever it is, you have to put it aside for the night and know that you can pick it back up in the morning.


People don’t deal with stress the right way and it takes a toll on your immune system. Anxiety and stress are always going to be in our lives and all around us. There is no getting around that.  The only thing we can and need to do, is take care of how we respond to stress and process it.

Be calm. Stress is like ripples in the water, it stops us from seeing things clearly. But when the water is calm, everything becomes clear. It is the same principle for reacting to situations, when you’re stressed or angry, you are not seeing things clearly.

Aromatherapy is a huge help. Lavender essential oil is a great way to alleviate stress and stay in that frame of mind. Diffusing it in the air will create an environment that promotes calm and help you deal with stressful situations in a calm manner and phase out the frantic state of mind. It also promotes restful sleep, quality, and quantity.

To alleviate stress, rest is key as well. Each herb always has a gemstone that goes along with, usually because they vibrate the same frequency or heal the same ailments. The one that goes with lavender is amethyst. Put an amethyst by your bed to promote relaxation and quality sleep. Your bed should be a sanctuary and a place of rest.


Salt purifies. And the ocean will always be where most of my healing takes place.

You too, need to find your sanctuary. Wherever that may be, find a place that is yours, where you ground yourself, where you can have a conversation with yourself and your thoughts.

This is so important because thoughts become things. So whatever you are cultivating in your mind and thinking of will become your reality.

That’s your personal conversation with the universe and the universe always gives.

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