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Here's to strong women: Dr. Lea Kelley

March is all about celebrating women. As we end Women's History month and celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, the women of Washed Ashore decided to dedicate this month’s blog posts to the women in our lives that inspire, support and motivate us.

So here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

For the final interview of this series, let's meet Dr. Lea Kelley, naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist with a passion for running marathons and helping people.

You found holistic medicine at a very young age and always knew you wanted to be a healer. What attracted you to it?

I have always been drawn to a more natural, holistic lifestyle.  Being a competitive athlete my whole life, I have always felt better eating clean, and living a non-toxic lifestyle.  When I started running full marathons I drank coconut water, long before it was popular. I wouldn’t touch the usual energy drink back in the day. It's just always been what I gravitated towards. 

Why do you practice holistic and eastern medicine as opposed to western medicine?

I actually like to thing I use both types of medicine in my practice.

I am a licensed and certified Acupuncturist and Chiropractor in California, where holistic medicine has always been the gold standard. I offer naturopathic medicine therapies, protocols and other natural therapies that are centuries old and very effective.

It is nice to see these therapies finally gaining popularity amongst the general public. I use the multiple modalities that my licenses allow me to and I love my job!  

My education (from graduate schools, working in a hospital, and on-going study, research and curiosity) has allowed me to skillfully evaluate my patients using both western and eastern medicine philosophies. I often order medical tests to aid in my diagnostics. My patients are always grateful that I can translate and interpret their medical history and begin the holistic healing.

I am also energetically sensitive, so I can pick up on things about a patient that they have not even mentioned or have forgotten. Most importantly, I reveal a patient’s medical “situation” in a way that they can understand and begin working on the important issues immediately.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most? 

It’s a combination of the holistic healing and meeting people because patients really teach you a lot. I really love connecting with people, which is why I opted for a job that would allow me to really help people on a more personal level. I’m the kind of person who if you ask me to help you, I will do whatever it takes.


Washed Ashore jewelry is centered around the usage of pearls, organic gemstones of the sea. Do pearls have a meaning in your practice?

Yes, I love pearls because of its symbolic meaning of integrity, centeredness and calmness that they bring. My practice’s name is The Dragon and Phoenix Healer. On the very center of the dragon and the phoenix on my logo, there is a pearl.

It symbolizes the very essence of balance and unity. Being that Washed Ashore is of the water, the pearl is so pure; it has its own integrity.

As women, we can have a lot of health concerns that are specific to our gender. What are your top tips and advice for women to feel healthy and energized?

I am happy to see many powerful women (aren’t we all!) bringing their voice and talent into the world now.

As a Chinese Medicine (Acupuncturist) specialist and Taoist Martial Artist, I can tell you that the yang cannot exist without the yin. So try to seek harmony in your life at every moment.  Learn how to be “receptive” to your yin/feminine energy at the right time.

With that being said, I work with fertility patients of both sexes but especially women. From toxicities, stress, dietary insufficiencies and an imbalance in yin/yang energies, women are either putting off having children until later in life or are having a hard time conceiving in their younger years. Start this journey of health, harmony and balance early in life.


What is your favorite Washed Ashore piece at the moment? 

The Riptide Body Chain. I like that the pearls sit on the center of the body, representing the constant balance and unity within oneself. Showing that you’re centered, and showing that you are not afraid to show it, is embracing your femininity in a calm and modest way.

What empowers you the most? 

To truly recognize who I am. To live in my truth and live in my power, that way I can help other people. That’s who I am. I am here to help people.


What would you like to tell younger women that you’ve learned along the way? Professionally or personally.

Find a mentor, ask questions always! Be curious, find time to go within and remember: you have the power to create. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Ask for help and be good to yourself!


Find Dr. Kelley:

Instagram: @Dr.LeaKelley

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