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This Earth Day, we want to spread awareness as to why Washed Ashore works incredibly hard to provide the cleanest and most sustainable jewelry.

Last May, Washed Ashore launched its first 100% sustainable collection. Not only do we use certified recycled 14k gold and silver, but we committed to up-cycling gemstones, pearls, and seashells that are utilized in our designs. 


Gold mining creates extensive and almost irreversible damage to the rainforests and lands across the globe. The illegal gold mining industry profits over a billion dollars each year, leading to unauthorized deforestation and destruction in our world's most necessary and precious lands.

In honor of Earth Day, the Amazon Aid Foundation is releasing "River of Gold" free for two weeks. "River of Gold" documents the environmental degradation and deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest through illicit and unregulated gold mining. 

Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the entire world, we all have to work together to provide crucial information to pave the path towards a better, more sustainable future. We want to spread awareness on how detrimental the jewelry industry can be, not only to the environment but to the native people who occupy the lands as well. So, we ask that you watch "River of Gold". It's upsetting and not easy by any means, but it's fundamental for progression in the right direction. 

We must understand where our products are coming from and how it impacts our global communities. We hope that the industry transforms their thought-process from quick, fast trends to quality, seasonless pieces. Fast fashion is not sustainable for the economy or the planet. Along with that, neither is gold mining or the diamond and gemstones industries.  

Please watch “River of Gold” and join us in starting a conversation to change the future of the jewelry industry. Let’s be the change we would like to see in the world. 


To register, click the below link. 

The Amazon Aid Foundation, River of Gold- Link here

Following the two-week viewing of River of Gold, The Amazon Aid Foundation will be hosting a virtual discussion on May 6th. The discussion will be hosted by Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, a leading expert on biodiversity and the Amazon Rainforest and Amazon Aid Founder Sarah duPont .



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