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Summer Glow: Your BEST skin with One Ocean Beauty

 Hello Summer Glow! Magic in a bottle is an understatement when speaking of One Ocean Beauty. Clean, natural, certified cruelty-free, clinically proven, made from renewable resources of the highest quality; those are just a few of the attributes of One Ocean Beauty products. 

 This week we sat down with the beautiful and inspiring Marcella Cacci, founder and CEO of One Ocean Beauty, who spoke to us about clean beauty and why the ocean is simply part of who we are. 

Go on, ride the wave to gorgeous skin and saving the planet you beautiful human. 

Tell us everything about Blue Biotechnology? How did you develop it?

The ocean is key to our DNA. The marine environment has the highest percentage of living biosphere on our planet. Marine plants and microorganisms adapt to the harsh environments where they live by developing survival mechanisms which offer extraordinary beauty benefits. Algae, in particular, have been known for centuries to be the gold standard in health and beauty and have amazing properties.


One Ocean Beauty’s active marine ingredients are produced using sustainable Blue Biotechnology. This technology uses living microorganisms to obtain natural molecules, while preserving the environment, as there is no harvesting from nature. Biotechnology also allows us to create consistently high quality, non-GMO and sustainable production.


Sustainability is a huge part of One Ocean Beauty. How did that come about and why?


Sustainability is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Our sustainability story is based on our production and packaging. As we said before, we do not harvest from the oceans and our production is sustainable. Our inner and outer packaging is also100% recyclable and we take care to ensure that shipping and packing materials are sourced from sustainable forestry. As the company and technology continue to develop, we are constantly adapting and developing ways to make improvements and continue our sustainable journey.


What are the most important parts of a skincare routine?

Make sure that you cleanse properly. Even if you’ve been out late, never sleep in your make up. Also, make sure that you moisturize daily.


You have developed an amazing, clean and comprehensive skincare range. How does the One Ocean Beauty skincare system work?

In our view, there are so many beauty and wellness products on the market and so many claims of ‘clean’ or ‘natural’ and no official standard. As a customer, it’s very confusing and hard to know what is safe to use and truly effective. We wanted to be completely transparent with our customers and make it easy.


Firstly, our products are truly ‘clean’, causing no harm to humans or the environment. We followed the retailer, Credo’s standard. This is one of the most thorough in the marketplace. All our ingredients are listed on our packaging and website. We also have certifications from Think Dirty, Leaping Bunny, Positive Luxury and we are in process of obtaining our Made Safe approval.


Secondly, we created an easy line of multi-tasking products that are simple to use and all you need. Each of the products work well individually, but they work even better as a system.


Lastly, each of the active ingredients in the formulations has passed stringent laboratory testing, in vitro and in vivo (in glass and on people, never on animals). We also use the same percentage of actives in our formulations which has been proved effective in clinical trials.


What is your favorite One Ocean Beauty product?

The serum is truly a ‘super serum’. The formula has four active ingredients all at full strength. It’s my magic in a bottle. 

Find the SERUM here 


What is your number one skincare tip?

 Drink plenty of water and exercise.


Ocean, salt and sun go hand in hand but can be harsh on the skin. Do you have any advice for our mermaids to maintain healthy and radiant skin?

Use reef-safe sun protection and cleanse thoroughly after a day at the beach. Stay hydrated and keep moisturized.














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