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Party in your mouth: 3 Summer Salads

 (Pavela wears the Harbor Handchain, Tarita bracelet, Siren Hoops and Rhea necklace)


This week we're back at the Farmer's Market and whipping up 3 QUICK, easy and ridiculously delicious Summer salads.

We got so inspired by all the amazing produce available this season that we decided to turn them into these 3 scrumptious salads. They are the perfect recipes for a delicious and nutritious meal. 



Bonus: all ingredients are from the Farmer's Market, all scooped up in under 40 minutes, for a total of $40. It yielded a LOT of food and there was plenty of produce left over. 

Incorporate them into your week's lunch or impress your friends with these amazing sides at your next dinner party!


1. Beach Peach

What we used:

- spring mix lettuce (with wild flowers)

- 1/2 yellow peach

- sprouted pistachios

- fresh burrata

1 part balsamic vinegar
2 parts olive oil


Start by tossing your spring mix into a large bowl. Pick out and set aside a bit of wild flowers to decorate the top later. 

Cut your peach to wedges (or cut into cubes if you prefer); and toss them into the spring mix.

Make the dressing and slowly pour into your large bowl. Toss the salad. 

Place the burrata on top, cut a little slit into it. Sprinkle with pistachios and enjoy!




2. Pull In Pesto

What we used:

- fresh lemon linguine

- pesto

- spinach

- baby heirloom tomatoes

- pecorino romano


Start by cooking your pasta. Drain and let it cool while you prepare the rest. You can use any pasta you like!

In a large serving bowl, lay a couple cups of spinach. 

Cut the baby tomatoes in halves.

Once your pasta has cooled, add in the pesto and toss well.

Add the pesto pasta on top of the bed of spinach. Add in the baby tomatoes.

Finish by grating some pecorino romano on top and dig in!



3. Mediterranean Drop In

What we used:

- spring mix + spinach

- Calimyrna dried figs

- kalamata olives

- marinated peppers

- fresh herb feta 

1 part balsamic vinegar
2 parts olive oil


In a large serving bowl, mix your lettuces.

Cut up the dried figs into slices, as well as the marinated peppers.

Add the cut figs, pepper and whole pitted olives to the lettuce.

Whip up the dressing, evenly pour it into the lettuce and toss with the figs and peppers. If your pepper are marinated in olive oil, you can use that to make the dressing.

Sprinkle chunks of herb feta cheese and enjoy! 



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