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Thursday's Flower Moon

The full flower moon this Thursday, May 7th symbolizes growth within all humans. It is called “the flower moon” because it is believed to be the time for rebirth and renewal.

It signifies a time to shed our outer skin and blossom into better versions of ourselves. There are a few things that we can all do to embrace this process. The energy we gain from this full moon can help fuel our positive intentions and transform each one to be impactful. Whether that’s through self-help, volunteering, or donating to meaningful organizations. Let’s take this time to heal and grow, to help ourselves and others. 

If you’re one of the lucky ones to be able to stay home, now is the perfect time to look inwards. Spending time alone with our thoughts can sometimes be frightening, but this full moon is reminding us that when we do look inward, it can transcend into something beautiful. We can make peace with things in our past, realizing that the present is our greatest gift, and looking to the future with a grateful heart. 

This time alone also doesn’t mean being lonely. Helping others allows us to better understand ourselves, while also reminding others that they are also not alone. With these organizations below, we can come together and support those who are struggling and may not have the available resources needed. 


TherapyTribe is a platform that connects individuals to therapists digitally. Whether you call, text, or video call a therapist is there to talk with you whenever you need it. Link here


Volunteering Remotely:

ALONE provides housing with support along with other services to hundreds of elderly every week who are either homeless, socially isolated, living in deprivation, or in crisis. ALONE offers the option to volunteer remotely through their Telephone Befriending program. ALONE’S Telephone Support and Befriending program offers free support and informational resources for older people. It provides personal daily or weekly contact to ensure that recipients are safe and well in their homes. Link here

iCouldBe provides high school students with an online community of professional mentors who empower teens to stay in school, plan for future careers, and achieve in life.  With many schools closed due to the current pandemic, many teens may be struggling to get the help that they need.  As an iCouldBe mentor, you can guide and coach your mentees online for one hour a week for a school year. Link here 

Love for the Elderly proudly fights for a cause that is often neglected.  Social distancing has led to elders living in long term care facilities to be isolated from their loved ones. Love for the Elderly is asking for kind, handwritten letters to mail to the seniors in these facilities. Link Here 


Donating to charitable organizations:

No Kid Hungry strives to provide vulnerable children with nutritious food and teaches their families how to cook healthy and affordable meals.  With many companies closed, and thousands of people being furloughed or laid off, many families are struggling to put food on the table. One time or monthly donations to No Kid Hungry can be made here

Planned Parenthood is still fighting to keep their doors open and need assistance now more than ever. They are a leader in reproductive health and provide healthcare for millions of women across the nation. Planned Parenthood has been under attack since 2016 and continues to push forward even during the pandemic. Link here

Futures without Violence is a health and social justice nonprofit that aims to heal those who are traumatized by violence. Through groundbreaking programs, policies, and campaigns Futures without Violence strives to prevent and end violence against women and children around the world. Link Here


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