Travel Series: Dumbo, NY

Our Director of Operations, Erica takes a day trip to Dumbo, NY. 

Hi! It’s Erica here. Last Thursday I took a day trip to Dumbo, NY to visit Time Out Market.

I began my day at Wall Street / Pier 11 and for the same fare as the subway I was able to take the East River Ferry over to Dumbo (tip: It's easiest to snag an e-ticket for the ferry if you download the NYC Ferry app, not to mention this cuts down on paper waste). I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that NYC Ferry is making strides towards sustainability through their Respect Management System. This includes waste reduction practices such as using 100% compostable corn-based materials for food packaging as well as incorporating recycling procedures both on and off the boats. I got a seat upstairs on the outdoor deck and enjoyed the quick but relaxing ride as I closed my eyes and let the sun shine on my face. It was such a refreshing change from my usual subway commute.

Once in Dumbo, I headed over to Time Out Market, which is located in the historic Empire Stores warehouse. With 21 different eateries featuring New York City’s best restaurants and impressive views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, Time out Market is definitely worth the trip! (
Since my trip started pretty early, I decided to head over to Loco Coco for a refreshing smoothie bowl. Loco Coco serves vegan superfood smoothies, juices, and smoothie bowls. By being a completely vegan establishment, Loco Coco is a more efficient use of our resources. Plant-based foods use less energy from fossil fuels, less land, and less water. They have also partnered with a sustainable farm in Taiwan to provide 100% biodegradable coconut bowls and spoons which helps to reduce waste. Loco Coco is known for their vibrant and fresh pitaya, also known as dragon fruit. I opted for the O.G. LC bowl, which contains organic pitaya, banana, coconut, vanilla bean, and almond milk. My favorite part of the bowl was the gluten-free granola. (
After enjoying my delicious smoothie bowl, I took the stairs up to the rooftop deck. Once on the rooftop, I was amazed by the expansive views of the East River and lower Manhattan skyline.
On the way back to the ferry, I cut through the Max Family Garden. The 8,000 square foot public garden features twenty-four plant species that have been selected for their adaptability to the site’s conditions. Living in such a big and busy city, it felt so nice to disconnect and be one with my surroundings. Dumbo has such a magical feel, from the historic architecture to the green landscape, and water views. (
Thanks for following along!

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