WA x Coral Gardeners partnership


Many moons ago, we set out to find a way to help the world’s oceans even further than we already were. In this search for an organization to help, we found Coral Gardeners.

Through scientific research and hands on trials, they have discovered an innovative and effective way to nurse coral clippings back to life and successfully replant them onto living parts of the Mo'orea reef. These clippings will then latch onto the reef and develop naturally to become fish and algae habitat, as well as create water oxygenation.



Their actions truly resonated with us at Washed Ashore. Not only have these young researchers developed a process to save the Polynesian reef and could be applied around the world, but they were also out in the ocean every single day to live and pursue their goal.


Your Washed Ashore purchase SAVES THE OCEAN!

We partnered with Coral Gardeners and starting June 1st 2019, any purchase from the Washed Ashore website will receive their unique coral adoption certificate!

You can now join us in our fight to save the world's oceans and be the proud owner of a Coral in the lagoon of Mo'orea, French Polynesia.

Why does coral restoration and protection matter? Here are some facts:



Saving our planet will require action from all of us, and Coral Gardeners is leading by example.






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