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Washed Ashore x Heal The Bay

Washed Ashore is honored and grateful for this privilege of collaborating with Heal the Bay on this jewelry collection.

Working so closely with pearls, one of the world’s most beautiful organic gemstones, the health and well-being of the ocean is necessary for our treasures to thrive in the deep blue. Pearls act as souvenirs literally from the sea, reminding us of the delicate balance of the ecosystem that we should always help to maintain. Heal the Bay is devoted to this cause, we cannot thank them enough for all that they do and promote.
Washed Ashore x Heal The Bay Charity Collaboration

Kaimana Choker: Hawaiian for “power of the sea”, the Kaimana choker symbolizes the strong and unstoppable force of the ocean, reminding us that a wave of change is always possible.

Heal the Bay represents this powerful force in bringing clean water to both human and wildlife, making it safe and enjoyable for everyone.
Washed Ashore x Heal The Bay Charity Collaboration

Baia Earring:  Portuguese meaning “bay”, the Baia earrings pay tribute to the work Heal the Bay does to help keep the water clean.

Without clean ocean, these beautiful pearls that Washed Ashore works with cannot thrive, so we have them to thank for the treasures that we create and bring to you.

10% of the proceeds from this collection will go to Heal the Bay. 

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