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Wave Collection Inspiration - The Zephyr Ring

Wave Collection Inspiration The Zephyr Ring Washed Ashore

The Zephyr Ring is named after the Greek god "wind of the west" or the personification of Summer's breeze.

Being a surfer myself, waves always fascinate me in the way that it builds up gradually at the line up, and intensifies into sets that we can ride on our boards. I sketch and paint a lot of waves during my time off, or while I'm out by the shore. These sketches are what inspired the designs on the rings. To me, waves show us that forces that we cannot control can be so powerful and unpredictable, but we always have the option of riding it. Waves are a force of nature that show how powerful the ocean is. The name Zephyr also lightly alludes to my favorite Red Hot Chili Pepper song "The Zephyr Song." My favorite part of the song is, "In the water where I center my emotion, all the world can pass me by". Surfing gives me a place of sanctuary, the waves always find a way to wash over any fears and worries for me, giving me strength and peace of mind. - Founder and Designer Larada Lamsam 

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