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Earth Day with Jonathan Ho

Oceans - They cover nearly 75% of the Earth's surface area and contain 97% of its water. The oceans are vital to the survival of organic life, as we know it. Some of the essential functions of our oceans include: sequestering (removing) a third of the anthropogenic (of/having human origin) carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; regulating surface temperatures; producing roughly half the world's oxygen; contributing significantly to rainfall; and simply being the largest ecosystem on Earth. Also, nearly half of the world's population lives within the coastal zone. The oceans are Earth's life support system. Although the nickname the "blue planet" originates from the color of our oceans, this name can also describe the current condition of our oceans. Sadly,...

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Embracing the Lunar Eclipse

Today, we celebrate the full moon in Leo with healing stones from the earth and sea. All of Washed Ashore's jewelry is made with pearls, the stone revered in many cultures for its deep connection to the moon. The feminine power and nurturing properties of pearls are the perfect way to remind ourselves of what the full moon brings. Every Washed Ashore piece is washed in the ocean, and left out to be exposed to the full moonlight like today. Always being surrounded by healing crystals and seashells, the jewelry possesses magical properties ready for you. The photo below features: Celestine: stone of the angels Amethyst: protection, calming, and balance Clear Quartz: Amplify energy, clarity Labradorite: protection from bad vibes Sage bundle in oyster: cleansing...

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