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Q & A with Trendy Chickadee

Washed Ashore Beach Babe Molly Hogan  Name: Molly Hogan Where are you from? I was born in Atlanta, GA but grew up in Chicago, IL and the Gulf Coast of Florida!  How would you describe your personal style? Laid back, boho and beachy! What are you top 3 songs for summer? This is such a tough one! Real Love Baby by Father John Misty Ophelia by The Lumineers Wonderful World by Sam Cooke What made you want to become a blogger? Any advice for girls who are looking to follow in your footsteps? I started my blog as a hobby while working in creative advertising, but once I saw how many amazing people + brands I connected with through blogging,...

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Bali Dreaming with The Jitana

Washed Ashore x The Jitana I wake up to the hot sun shining through the curtains of our villa. I immediately throw on some shorts, a tank top, and a gold Lariat necklace from Washed Ashore. We skip out the door and hop on our scooter. Zipping down the streets of a small town by the name of Canggu, we’re headed to get some breakfast. We get to a little cafe where we order Muesli bowls filled with fresh fruits, and of course, I order a cup of watermelon juice. This is just one of the daily rituals you will become accustomed to, living that Bali life! I spent about a month in Bali this time around. The beauty, culture,...

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Washed Ashore x Heal The Bay

Washed Ashore is honored and grateful for this privilege of collaborating with Heal the Bay on this jewelry collection. Working so closely with pearls, one of the world’s most beautiful organic gemstones, the health and well-being of the ocean is necessary for our treasures to thrive in the deep blue. Pearls act as souvenirs literally from the sea, reminding us of the delicate balance of the ecosystem that we should always help to maintain. Heal the Bay is devoted to this cause, we cannot thank them enough for all that they do and promote. Kaimana Choker: Hawaiian for “power of the sea”, the Kaimana choker symbolizes the strong and unstoppable force of the ocean, reminding us that a wave of...

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Wave Collection Inspiration - The Zephyr Ring

The Zephyr Ring is named after the Greek god "wind of the west" or the personification of Summer's breeze. Being a surfer myself, waves always fascinate me in the way that it builds up gradually at the line up, and intensifies into sets that we can ride on our boards. I sketch and paint a lot of waves during my time off, or while I'm out by the shore. These sketches are what inspired the designs on the rings. To me, waves show us that forces that we cannot control can be so powerful and unpredictable, but we always have the option of riding it. Waves are a force of nature that show how powerful the ocean is. The name...

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