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What makes Washed Ashore a green business?

Washed Ashore became a certified green business in May 2016. Our green practices include the use of environmentally preferable purchases such as 100% recycled paper, waste reduction and recycling, as well as energy conservation through the use of LED lighting. 

How is the shell jewelry made?

Washed Ashore's shell jewelry is made from molds of actual seashells. Wax models are then formed from the molds and casted into metal. With this process, no actual seashells are used on the pieces of jewelry, which means no mass collection of seashells from the ocean is necessary.

Why are the pearl pendants not round?

Washed Ashore uses imperfect pearls, which are usually disregarded in the industry. By turning the imperfect pearls into pendants, we are conserving nature’s beauty.

Why does the jewelry that I purchased look different from the image online?

All of our pieces are handmade with organic pearls, therefore the sizes and shapes of the pearls may vary.

Can my jewelry get wet?

Yes, of course! Our jewelry is meant to be worn in the sea.