What makes Washed Ashore a green business?

Washed Ashore crafts jewelry that is inspired by our love for the environment. As such, all of our shell and pearl accessories are made with sustainability as our priority.  We only use keshi pearls, which are a byproduct of pearl cultivation and are often disregarded by the industry. All metals used in our pieces are certified 100% recycled and sourced from a certified green refinery in the USA. Our packaging and mailing supplies are also solely made of recycled materials and printed with vegetable dye that are chemical free. 

Why are the pearl pendants not round?

Washed Ashore uses imperfect, keshi pearls which are usually disregarded in the industry - keshi pearls are a byproduct of the pearl cultivation process. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and tend to have high luster and orient. Because keshi pearls have a solid-nacre composition with no nucleus, they generally have a greater luster than the best-quality cultured pearls. Nacre is made up of thousands of layers of overlapping crystal plates and it forms around the nucleus, usually a bead of shell that has been implanted into an oyster, of pearls. To produce round cultured pearls, this bead has been cut, rounded, and polished before being surgically implanted into the oyster. By turning the imperfect pearls into pendants, we are conserving and highlighting nature’s beauty.

Why does the jewelry that I purchased look different from the image online?

Keshi pearls have traditionally been considered a less desirable byproduct of pearl cultivation. Pearl cultivation is driven primarily by the jewelry industry; and as trends dictate the demand for different types of pearls, the color, size, and shape of the resulting keshi pearls are also affected. At Washed Ashore, we are committed to our sustainable use of keshi pearls, regardless of color, size, or shape. While the characteristics of the pearls we use may vary according to what is being disregarded, the overall designs will remain consistent with what is pictured. As different pearls generate waves in the industry, we’ll be watching the sets, waiting for whatever washes ashore.

Can my jewelry get wet?

Yes, all of our metals can be worn from day to night without hesitation.